Logo tape Gesellschaft für Selbstklebebänder mbH

About us

The Logo Tape Group

Logotape Logo Being the first company of the Logo Tape Group, Logo tape GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1998 through a management buyout from tesa / Beiersdorf AG. The Logo Tape Group employs 150 people today and acts as an international supplier of specialised tape and film solutions with multiple sales offices in Europe.
Multiflex Logo Multiflex Folien GmbH & Co. KG is an international supplier of multilayer film-based solutions for the food industry, the automotive industry and converting applications.
undefined   Druckzentrum Repro GmbH offers printing products and merchandising items manufactured in flexo, offset and digital printing processes.
Nordic Logo Nordic tape GmbH & Co. KG produces self-adhesive EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) sealing profiles.
Mapack Logo Mapack Packmittel GmbH produces individual printed products and wet adhesive tapes. It also carries an extensive range of packaging products.


2017 Mapack Packmittel GmbH Mannheim, Germany
2016 Logo tape Sp. z o.o Chojnice, Poland
2016 Scharnau City Shop GmbH Berlin, Germany
2013 Druckzentrum Repro GmbH Flensburg, Germany
2010 Logo tape Ges.m.b.H. Vienna, Austria Wien, Österreich
2009 Nordic tape GmbH & Co. KG Harrislee, Germany
2006 Multiflex Folien GmbH & Co. KG Flensburg, Germany
2006 Logo tape Vertrieb GmbH Harrislee, Germany
2005 UAB Logo tape Baltic Kaunas, Lithuania
2003 Logo tape Ltd. Solihull, UK
2001 Logo tape S.A.R.L. Illkirch, France
1998 Logo tape GmbH & Co. KG Harrislee, Germany

Company policy

Integrated management systems focused on the areas of quality, environment, energy, hygiene, occupational safety and health protection

The company Logo tape was founded in 1998 as an MBO from the tesa company NOPI GmbH, Harrislee and has since then developed into a group of companies active in the fields of self-adhesive tape, printed adhesive tapes, self-adhesive sealing profiles, labels and film extrusion.

Production is carried out in Germany at the Harrislee and Flensburg sites. It is also manufactured in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Corporate and management principles

As a matter of principle, it is important for the well-being of every employee and the organisations we work with, that we act responsibly in all aspects. Thus ensuring we are a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers, as well as an obliging employer.

We perform our work purposefully; each activity begins with a target adjustment, which also takes into account the added value and possible risks as well as a planning for the target achievement.

Unsere Ziele erreichen wir mit der Prioritätenreihenfolge Sicherheit, Qualität, Produktivität. Generell gilt der Anspruch hinsichtlich der Nachhaltigkeit im Umgang mit Ressourcen. Mit Vermögenswerten, Aufzeichnungen und Informationen gehen wir vertrauensvoll um und stellen eine ordnungsgemäße als auch angemessene Nutzung sowie den Schutz gegenüber Missbrauch sicher.

We achieve our goals with the priority order of safety, quality and productivity. In general, the requirements regarding sustainability in dealing with resources apply.

With assets, records and information, we confidently ensure proper and appropriate use, as well as protection against misuse