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Bicycle Rim tape

Logo Tape’s Printed Rim Tape

Logo Tape’s self-adhesive bicycle rim tape is a cost-effective solution compared to conventional rubber rim tapes. The self-adhesive rim tape offers a safe fit in the rim by providing a firm grip with excellent anti-slip characteristics.

The rim tape effectively protects the inner tube from damages. It also protects the spoke heads and metal burrs around the spoke holes. Due to the heat resistant glue, slippage will not occur.

The adhesive rim tape can be used on all rims including racing bikes, mountain bikes, trekking bikes, etc. We print your tape with up to 3 colours and offer a wide range of lengths and widths as well as cross-wound spools.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Protects the inner tube against damages

Superior adhesive strength prevents slipping of the tape in the rim

Heat-resistant glue

Wide range of lengths and widths available

Multicolour printing up to 3 coloursLange Haltbarkeit

Cost efficiency


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