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Cable Marking Tapes

Ready-to-use Marking Tapes and Cards

Cable marking tapes are designed for use as short to medium term identification when working with cables, wires, etc. Easy to use; they are available on ready-to-use cable marking cards.

The tapes consist of a weather resistant cloth tape and can be printed with multiple prints including letters A-Z, numbers 0-99, 110-550V, L1-3, +,-,=,~ and many more. We can customize the tape to suit your needs.

The tapes are resistant to abrasions, oil, water, dirt, heat and a range of solvents that could result in discolouration.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Long-term identification of cables and wires

Marking tape with different prints

Available as ready-to-use marking cards

Weather-resistant cloth tape

Resistance to solvent, oil, water and heat

No discolouration