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Deep Drawing Tape

Tape Based Labelling for Thermoformed Packages

Logo Tape’s self-adhesive deep drawing tape can be printed with your EAN code or other product information. A mechanical dispenser applies the tape to the unprinted bottom film. Thereby, after thermoforming the product information or EAN-code will be integrated into the bottom side of the package for enhanced bar code reading.

Easy handling, logistical efficiency and forgery-proof sealing are only some of the benefits our tape provides compared to thermo-transfer printing, labels and printed film.

Equipped with superior deep-drawing characteristics our tape is suitable for all common thermoforming equipment up to a tray depth of 50 mm. The tape complies with all the technical requirements of the food and beverage industry due to its solvent-free adhesive coating.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Continuous EAN code on the bottom of the package

Multicolour print of product information or serving suggestions

Solvent-free adhesive coating for use in the food industry

Easy change of tape rolls for changing EAN codes or product informations

Saves room in warehousing

Easy to attach by a mechanical dispenser