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Double-sided Adhesive Tapes

Superior bonds for specific applications

Logo Tape’s double-sided self-adhesive tapes match a wide range of applications. Suitable to bonding, fixing and attachment of different materials easily and quickly. The industrial and crafts sector trust double-sided adhesive tapes as an alternative to screwing, riveting and welding.

Our range of double-sided tapes guarantee temporary or long lasting reliable adhesion on materials such as metal, plastics, glass, wood, paper or cardboard. Bonding, splicing and attaching different materials and self-adhesive finishing of materials are only some of their possible applications. Double-sided adhesive tapes are also used as flooring tapes to reliably attach carpets and PVC flooring.

For uneven surfaces read more about our acrylic foam tapes. Acrylic Foam Tapes

Your Benefits at a Glance

Excellent adhesive strength

Bonds different materials such as metal, plastics, glass, wood, paper or cardboard

Various applications including bonding, splicing and attaching

Efficient and clean alternative to screwing, riveting and welding

Different characteristics, lengths and widths available

Acrylic foam tapes for uneven surfaces