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Gummed Tape

Logo Tape’s Water Activated Paper Tape

Gummed tape is produced in white and brown paper with a starch-based adhesive material. Moistened with water, the tape establishes a permanent organic bond with cardboard. It is the perfect security seal, with any tampering being clearly evident.

This eco-friendly adhesive tape is suitable for light to middle-weight cardboard boxes.

An additional reinforcement of the gummed paper tape can be achieved by the use of glass fibre threads or fabric. Logo Tape’s gummed paper tape is available with brown or white paper and is printable with up to 3 colours. The tapes are suited for manual and automatic applicators.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Long-term sealing of packages;

Organic bond between tape and cardboard making any attempt to open the closure visible

Biodegradable and recyclable

Reinforcement option with glass fibre

Printable with up to 3 colours

Suited for manual and automatic applicators