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Logo Tape’s Self-Adhesive Carry Handles

Logo Tape’s Handylift self-adhesive carry handles can be attached easily to heavy products or multipacks weighing up to 18kg. With Handylift the purchase and transportation of your products will be very convenient for the end consumer.

The carry handles can be multicolour printed with up to 6 colours. Logo Tape’s Handylift is produced with paper-bases, film-bases or foam film-based. The “soft” product version provides extra carrying comfort. We offer adhesive coatings based on hot-melt or natural rubber.

The excellent unwinding qualities of the handles ensure the suitability for all common high-speed automated applicators. Cross-wound spools with up to 7,000 meters further provide extended machine running times.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Multicolour printing with up to 6 colours

Paper, film and foam film carry handles

Suitable for heavy products up to 18 kg

High adhesive strength

High temperature and moisture resistance

Cross-wound spools up to 7,000 meters