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PP, PVC & PET Tape

Industrial Solutions with PP, PVC & PET Tapes

Logo Tape offers a wide range of PP, PVC and PET tapes with different sizes and adhesive options. Our tapes are suitable for various applications including packaging, marking, bundling or protecting goods. The tape can be printed multi coloured with your logo, product information, corporate designs, safety instructions, etc.

PP polypropylene tapes are cost-effective tapes and are mostly used for packaging applications of light to medium-weight boxes and goods. Different coatings allow a wide range of additional industrial applications.

PVC tapes are robust, weather-resistant, and moisture resistant, with high adhesive strengths. Making them the choice performance tapes for industrial and commercial applications.

PET polyester tapes are highly tear-resistant with low elongation characteristics. Therefore, they are strong tapes e.g. for the sealing of heavy boxes.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Wide range of PP, PVC and PET tapes

Customized solutions for your applications

Multicolour printing and individual layouts

Weather resistance

High adhesive strength performance

Suitable for hand dispensers or automated packaging processes