Logo tape Gesellschaft für Selbstklebebänder mbH

Sealing Tape for Containers and Tins

Individual print and safe seal

Logo Tape’s self-adhesive sealing tape is designed for the sealing of metal, glass, plastic containers and tins in the food industry. The tape is suitable for different container designs and sizes.

The flexible tape safely seals your products’ lids until consumption by the consumer; creating a security seal and a seal for freshness. Logo tape’s sealing tape for containers and tins can be multicolour printed with up to 4 colours and is removable without residues. The tapes are available cross-wound spooled with up to 5,000 meters and are suitable for automated packaging processes.


Your Benefits at a Glance

Appealing product presentation

Suitable for metal, plastic or glass containers

Enhanced safety and hygiene for your product

Individual prints

Flexible and supple tape material

Cross-wound spools of a length up to 5,000 meters