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Smart Reseal

Innovative Re-Closure for Flexible Packaging

Smart Reseal is an innovative re-closure tape solution for flexible packaging in the food industry. The tape has an integrated adhesive-free fingerlift section allowing the consumer to easily pull the tape and reseal the opened package up to 20 times.

Thereby, Smart Reseal establishes superior convenience for the end customer. The packaged food is kept fresh for an extended period of time and at the same time supports the sustainable use of foods.

Smart Reseal keeps an excellent adhesive strength after each use as the tape covers the whole packaging lengthwise. The tape is removable without residues and can without difficulty be customised in terms of colours, images and sizes. The tape can be integrated into your packaging line without interrupting the packaging process.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Reseals packages up to 20 times

Keeps the product fresh

Increases convenience for the consumer

Lasting adhesive strength

Individual design, colour and size

Fast integration into your packaging line