Adhesive Tapes from tesa®

Security Tape

tesa® scribos

Protection against forging, protection against warranty fraud or product manipulation, avoidance of complex complaints and revenue losses: tesa® scribos security tapes reliably and comprehensively protect your product portfolio.

Their use also ensures a drastic reduction of any costs incurred for complaints or damage.

We offer security tapes specially tailored to your requirements so that you can implement your individual trademark protection concepts smoothly.

Material Portfolio:

  • tesa xxxx

Examples of our Variety:

  • Sleevetechnology (no seam)
  • Individual Packaging

and much more...

We make it possible


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    Individual Solution

  • {f:if(condition: '', then: '', else: 'Individual Packaging'

    Individual Packaging

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tesa® scribos, Security Tape

Security Tape


  • Theft Protection
  • Quality Insurance
  • Maintenance of Correct Warranty Claims