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Sealing Tape for Containers & Tins

Individually Printed

With our adhesive can closure tape, cans and glass containers are securely closed. A sustainable safety closure for different containers is also guaranteed by the elastic closure tape.

Our can closure tape is suitable for any can-shape made of metal, plastic or glass and guarantees all the freshness characteristics of your product until the container is opened by the end customer. In addition, it can be individually printed, it is removable without residue and is especially suitable for automatic packaging systems.

Material Portfolio:

  • MOPP
  • PVC
  • BOPP
  • Paper

Examples of our Variety: 

  • Sleevetechnology for Negative Prints (no seam)
  • Any Length and Width
  • Metallic Colours

and much more...

We make it possible


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    Adhesive Neutral Zone

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Individually Printed, Sealing Tape for Containers & Tins

Sealing Tape for Containers & Tins


  • Metal Cans
  • Plastic and Glass Containers (eg. Confectionery Industry)
  • Gift Packaging