Customized Tapes

Individual and Unique

Customized Tapes

Do you need an adhesive base for a specific application? Do you need extraordinary dimensions? Or do you just want to use a unique adhesive tape? Thanks to our development department, we offer you a variety of flexible adhesive tape solutions.


  • Individual adjustment of adhesive forces for reversible applications
  • Adhesive tapes for assembly work, which can be detached without leaving any residue
  • Closing tape that automatically opens during certain sterilization procedures
  • Adhesive tapes for special applications, eg. for bonding heat-intensive products
  • Resistant protective films against impurities

We make it possible


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    Cross-Wound Bobbin

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    Special Colours

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    Individual Solution

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    Individual Packaging

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    Special Sizes

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    Perforation with Handle

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    Adhesive Neutral Zone

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