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Rim Tape

Printed Rim Tape

Rim tape is a cost-efficient solution compared to rubber rim tape. It has all the features that are required of a bicycle rim tape: a non-slip surface with anti-slip properties and a tight fit in the rim.

The tube is protected effectively by the rim tape from mechanical damage such as spoke heads or metal burrs in the rim. The specific adhesive prevents slipping of the rim strip - even under heavy load and high temperatures.

Material Portfolio:

  • MOPP
  • Fabric
  • BOPP-Laminates

Examples of our Variety:

  • Sleevetechnology (no seam)
  • Any Length and Width
  • Various Core Sizes
  • Individual Packaging

and much more...

We make it possible


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    Cross-Wound Bobbin

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    Individual Solution

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    Individual Packaging

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    Special Sizes

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Printed Rim Tape, Rim Tape

Rim Tape


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