Water activated tape (WAT)

Environmentally-friendly sealing

The water activated tape (WAT) is a sustainable adhesive tape solution for a strong and permanent bond. Its sealing properties make it ideal for closing cardboard packaging.

Our water activated tapes consist of a kraft paper backing and a starch-based adhesive. Moistened with water, a permanent organic connection is established with the box - tampering with the closure of the goods is immediately visible. The environmentally friendly water activated tapes are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. They are mainly made from renewable raw materials and are also ideal for closing light to medium-weight cardboard packaging. Water activated tape is printed with water colors. These can be printed and assembled according to your individual specifications.

Material portfolio: Wet adhesive tape: reinforced and unreinforced

Why WAT? With our water activated tape, the cardboard box can be disposed of together with the adhesive tape. Water activated tape enables the detection of possible thefts.

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Environmentally-friendly sealing, Water activated tape (WAT)

Water activated tape (WAT)


  • Permanent closure of cardboard packaging
  • Safety lock
  • Industrial application: transport, e-commerce and production