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Deep Drawing Tape

Tape-based Marking

We print the adhesive thermoforming tape with your EAN code or the required product information. By a mechanical unwinding device, the high-performance adhesive tape is then glued onto the unprinted underlay film of the thermoformed packaging, so that the desired information after the thermoforming process will be visible on the underside of the packaging.

The uncomplicated application, the logistical efficiency as well as the tamper-proof welding characterize this cost-optimized alternative in contrast to thermal transfer printing, labels and printed films. Equipped with excellent thermoforming properties, the trouble-free processing of the adhesive tape on all common thermoforming machines is guaranteed up to a tray depth of 50 mm.

Material Portfolio:

  • BOPP

Examples of our Variety: 

  • Sleevetechnology for Negative Prints (no seam)
  • Any Length and Width
  • Metallic Colours

and much more...

We make it possible


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    Special Colours

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    Individual Solution

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    Individual Packaging

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Tape-based Marking, Deep Drawing Tape

Deep Drawing Tape


  • Marking of Thermoformed Packaging for the Food Industry
  • Product Information and Serving Suggestions
  • EAN Codes